The new device can become a hybrid tablet and laptop with an adapted version of iOS.

9to5mac reported Apple’s secret Star project is revealed: an ARM-based, touchscreen hybrid computer with LTE that Apple is developing.  It will look more like a hybrid of a smartphone, tablet and computer in the style of the iPad Pro. The project is called “Star”, and the code number of the model is N84.

A distinctive feature of the device, according to rumors, will be a processor with ARM architecture. It is assumed that the device will work on a new operating system – a hybrid of macOS and iOS.  Apple may not decide to completely transfer the desktop system to the ARM architecture, but a special version of iOS can be adapted for a compact laptop.  Expect a lot more productivity out of the device than a regular Ipad Pro.

It is also reported that the Apple Star project is still at the prototype stage. In early 2018, several devices were manufactured, which were tested by company employees.  If the initial testing did not turn out well, this project still could be cancelled and we may never see the prototypes.

It still is an interesting concept and a very strong rumor swirling around, especially with WWDC 2018 right around the corner.