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For a business to thrive in today’s fast-paced and technologically dependent market your company needs to be connected. Eboxlab specializes in securing your IT infrastructure: we offer a unified series of services designed to get your office and your back-end in order. Whether you need support and repairs for your PC’s, Mac’s, printers, servers, and peripherals – we’ve got you covered.

With Eboxlab IT Support, you’ll be getting only the highest quality in service. Our fully professional staff is ready to provide any support you need including consultations, design, monitoring, upgrades, network setup, repair and installation. We provide a complimentary 30 minute IT consulting, so contact us today to see how we can get your business and your workflow optimized to the fullest.

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Windows Server and Desktop Installation and Upgrades, Network Install/Configuration


We offer a variety of pricing options for our Field Services including hourly, block hours and monthly contract rates


Cloud Storage, Cloud based Web Hosting, Desktop Virtualization, Virtualization Management

Business Tech Support in Denver

Since the first year of your new business is considered the “make it or break it” moment, you need to equip it with several important things to keep it running and achieve success.

Whether your business is big or small, it is essential to connect with an effective IT consulting firm to help you evade the start-up pitfalls as well as technical hiccups that may prevent your company to grow.

After all, you have your hands full running Your business – Why take resources away from your mission when specialists are available to fill that role?

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Let’s face it – Computer technology is a moving target and very specialized.  Even those in the profession take many classes and are constantly upgrading their skills so they can remain relevant in the field.

The small business sometimes makes the mistake of assigning technical tasks to ‘power users’ that exceed their competency.

The supervising manager usually cannot tell if they are suited for the task resulting in poor performance, substandard ROI and an insecure infrastructure that is not readily identified as such until later when more severe issues manifest themselves.


Tech IT Support for Business in Denver
Connecting with Eboxlab has changed my view and understanding of technology. I now see IT as an essential operation for my company to scale and achieve more, whereas I used to see IT as an unfortunate capital expenditure. I didn’t realize how much my data was at risk until I received Eboxlab IT audit. It was eye-opening to see where the damaging and potentially costly exposure was in my company. That is now far in the past. I’ve even been able to reduce part of my business insurance costs based on the security features we now have in place. Eboxlab is a great IT consulting company and a fantastic managed IT service provider.
Alex Manson, Law Firm

My firm has been working with Eboxlab for about a 2 months and a half now.  We want to be focused on our business, not on our IT, so after we had some ongoing issues with our previous provider, I asked my older partner who is very tech-savvy to help us find a replacement.  He did the initial research, came up with a list of possible providers, helped us figure out the questions we needed to ask and Eboxlab was one of five we chose from.  Eboxlab clearly stood out as the winner, due to their expertise, competitive rates and promise to understanding our pain points and addressing them quickly.  They also had a great deal of experience with agencies like ours, understanding our business, the type of workflow we have and responsiveness we need.

William Loner, CPA
Eboxlab is our roofing company managed IT service provider. They have serviced our company identify network and security issues that our last IT company couldn’t find. They are currently planning and project managing our move into new, larger office space in the DTC. We are thrilled to have found this team and highly recommend Eboxlab for IT services, projects, support, and consultation. If you are looking for IT services, we would be happy to chat with you about our great experience with Eboxlab
Josh Tomson, Roofing Inc