Over the past few years, hackers and all kinds of scammers have been targeting Apple, due ot its large size and popularity. Recently, a hacker offered access to Apple’s internal tools that allow you to obtain company account data for the company. On his Twitter page, he posted several screenshots of the alleged access to the Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) system used by the company’s employees to handle user requests for repairs and after-sales support.
Journalists contacted the author of the publication to check the validity of his statements. They gave the hacker the serial number of a smart watch Apple Watch and a few minutes later received a screenshot with the correct information about the model, series and type of device. The hacker also refused to provide information from the account associated with the gadget, despite the statements in his profile.
In broken English, the hacker said that he had received the credentials for the Apple system with the help of a “private exploit”, and sells access to it to at least 20 users.
According to a source at Apple, this is a “test version” of the GSX tool, used only for development. How the hacker managed to gain access to the system is currently unclear.