Developers improved performance, and also updated many components of the operating system iOS.

At the WWDC 2018 conference, Apple introduced a new version of the iOS operating system. The twelfth update received several important innovations.


At the event it was stated that iOS 12 runs twice as fast as the previous version. Some examples: applications run 40% faster, the keyboard is 50% more responsive, and the camera shoots 70% faster.

Augmented Reality

Apple together with Pixar has developed a single format for content in augmented reality. It combines all the necessary components into a single compressed file. For developers, additional tools will be available from Adobe specifically to work with augmented reality. Apple will release a special application using the augmented reality – Measure. It works as a virtual ruler for measuring real objects with the camera. Third-party developers will be able to embed elements of augmented reality into their applications and even sites with Safari support.


The voice assistant Siri received support for software shortcuts. Shortcuts are often actions that you can call, which can be assigned to a voice command. For example, the words “Siri, I have my lost keys” can be assigned to search for keys with an accessory to locate. In a special directory, users can share their shortcuts. Setting shortcuts is made to be simple and convenient.

Digital statistics and useful features from its competitor

Apple is borrowing some of Android’s useful features.  iOS 12 will now have the ability to configure the Do Not Disturb mode to block notifications, you can set active hours for your phone to enjoy peace and quiet.  iOS 12 provides full statistics on the use of the device as well. In a special section, the user will be able to see each programs actual use. There is also a function to limit the use of the device for children.

iOS 12 will be available on all devices that have been updated to iOS 11:

iPhone X;

iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus;

iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus;

iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus;

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus;

iPhone SE;

iPhone 5s;

iPod touch 6;

iPad Pro 12.9 for both generations;

iPad Pro 10,5;

iPad Pro 9,7;

iPad Air / iPad Air 2;

iPad 5 / iPad 6;

iPad mini 2 / 3 / 4.

The beta version of iOS 12 is available for developers right now. A stable version will be released this fall.