Have you seen graphics card prices lately? The high end cards from Nvidia and AMD have practically doubled in the past month. It seems as though the cryptocurrency mining craze has struck again for the second time in a year. As you may recall, graphics cards sharply rose in price in June of this year, and before that in 2013. Graphics card pricing seems to go hand in hand with the price of Bitcoin, and every-time that market sees a sharp up-tick, many people jump into mining. After Decembers crazy run with Bitcoin and alt-coins jumping up nearly 50%, the miners started purchasing all the stock.

Right now in mid-January, store shelves are bare and on-line market places are out of stock. The only people in stock are the third party companies which take advantage of the demand and markup the price to double it’s MSRP. Microcenter has market up its prices and receives shipments very sparingly, and when they do, its Black Friday Redux. In fact most retailers have adjusted their purchasing policy to charge an upwards of 10,000 dollars if you wanted to purchase more than 1 graphics card at a time.

It may take a month or two, as we have seen in the past, but graphics card pricing should settle down. Until then, its best to stick to your current setup or wait for a short period of time for supply to keep up with demand. On the positive side, this generation of graphics cards will be at a surplus in the used market in a year or so as Nvidia and AMD release new cards.