The most simple and convenient calorie counter, this app will help you to lose weight or maintain the right weight. You can create meals and recipes, and the food data base has up to 6 million entries!  The most popular foods found at your local grocery store are all there.  There are even social media functions, so you can track your weight with friends or family members. It is an excellent tool to track calories and nutrient intake.

Pedometer for weight loss

Pedometer is an easy-to-use application for calculating steps throughout the day, while your phone is in your pocket.  Track your steps automatically, and see it in a easy to understand graph.  It also has a BMI index calculator.


This application provides the ability to connect a bank account, which allows you to fully control all costs and cash inflows. With the help of common accounts, Spendee can be used by the whole family, distributing expenses or forming purses of savings for holidays or large purchases.

Alarm clock “Good Morning”

This is an intelligent alarm clock that can track your sleep phase and wake you up at the optimum time. The application records statistics on the quality of sleep and gives recommendations for improving it. There are also relaxing sounds for fast falling asleep: ocean waves, rain noise and others.



Titanium Backup Pro

Well worth the 5.99 pricetag, this app is one of the most useful applications around.  Only available for android, this application is the king of backup applications.  You can backup SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, and even Wifi passwords!  This application allows you to even de-bloat your phone by allowing you to freeze and uninstall (if rooted) carrier installed applications that drain your battery and needlessly run in the background. This application is one of the most useful utilities around.