We have found new rumors about the upcoming gaming console, the Sony PlayStation 5. The main source of rumors is from a website, SemiAccurate.  Their credibility has been true to their name, they were the first to publish the present specifications of the PS4 and PS4 Pro, so these new rumors deserve to be reported on.

Current Rumors

According to recent data, Sony PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a hybrid processor made by AMD with eight cores from the Zen family.  These CPUS have been very powerful and affordable, so expect the PlayStation 5 to be capable. The graphics processor will be an unknown next generation GPU codenamed Navi.  It is rumored development kits have already been shipped for the PS5, with a 2018 planned release date.  Realistically there would have been a lot more buzz and leaks for a 2018 release date, so we can expect something possibly 2019.

PC gaming’s cost of entry being very high at the moment from the reported memory shortages for RAM and GPUs may play a factor in this market.  If Sony could secure an exclusive deal, it may have a chance to be a dominate player in video game world and steal some markets hare from players who are looking to build PCs.