Companies and developers began to massively transfer their projects and repositories from the GitHub portal to Git-Lab after reports of Microsoft purchasing the project hosting website.  According to the statistics collection portals, thousands of projects were imported to Git-Lab over the weekend, and their number is expected to grow.
GitHub is one of the most popular services for joint development of software and its hosting in the cloud. It is based on the Git version control system and is developed by Ruby on Rails and Erlang by GitHub. Git-Lab – a platform for managing Git repositories, code analysis, error tracking, testing, debugging, channel management and wiki pages.
The main reason for the massive shift is the fear that after buying GitHub, Microsoft will have full access to millions of private projects that companies are currently using with the premium membership of GitHub, Microsoft is a technology company and many fear their privacy will be violated by the software giant.
The first rumors about the sale of GitHub began to appear on Friday. On Sunday, Bloomberg reported that the agreement was allegedly already concluded and an official statement will be made on Monday, June 4. It has been made official and the final purchase price is $7.5 billion dollars.