A number of users of Windows 7 reported problems with the Windows Update service. The update center does not work, giving error 80248015. Currently, the discussion of this problem is being conducted on the Microsoft Answers forum.

When you try to start Windows Update on computers running Windows 7, users receive the following message:

“Windows Update cannot check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer. ”

According to users, the problem may be caused by the fact that Microsoft forgot to change the expiration date of certificates. The temporary solution is to change the date on the device to any one before March 12, 2017 and restart Windows Update. In addition, an error may occur when an Internet connection blocks access to the Windows Update site. In this case, you need to disable the proxy on the device.

Microsoft has not commented on the situation and corrected the problem. Earlier, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 will receive security updates until mid-January 2020.